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Welcome to PHP Ace. PHP has become one of the most widely used programming languages, on account of its popularity for web applications.

One reason for its popularity is that it is quite an easy language to get started with, and its flexibility with features such as loose typing improves the chances of getting a working program. Naturally, this ease of use can also have downsides. In particular, to write robust and efficient programs that will have the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements still takes a good deal of skill.

Also, there are features of PHP that can hugely enhance its power and efficiency, but they also need skill and knowledge to use them. Let’s look at a couple of examples. The function library of PHP is huge and very powerful. In one area, the manipulation of arrays, there are numerous functions that can be used to carry out quite complex operations with a simple function call. It takes time to become familiar with the function library. Another example is the object model of PHP. While it does not altogether match up with the ideals of OO purists, in PHP 5 or later it is easily powerful enough to enable the writing of good OO code.

These factors mean that it is not a simple matter to become a real PHP ace! This site aims to offer some ideas, and to provide somewhere for views on PHP aired, including examples of best use.

PHP is the dominant language that makes up popular CMS’s like WordPress. However, it doesn’t necessarily work for all website platforms. For a detailed guide to WYSIWYG editors, see this list of the best website builders by Hosting Canada

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